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Ryan Stout

You probably already know Ryan Stout as the go-to, edgy, politically incorrect host of several shows on MTV and AXS TV, or from his regular guest spots on Chelsea Lately. On his irreverent debut album, Touché, Stout challenges his audience with his sick sense of humor. Even with his impassive delivery, Stout doesn't allow for passivity in his comedy. He may be deadpan but he's still mining for that big laugh, you just have to be paying attention to get the joke. He forces listeners to think hard about the perversity of his bits about hunting, one armed people on planes, and the Special Olympics. Stout’s envelope pushing brings to mind Daniel Tosh, both joke about taboo subjects, often eliciting groans and nervous laughter from the crowd, but Stout turns the mirror back on the audience, exposing them as the really messed up ones. This album is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended, nothing is off limits in his set. You’ll either love Ryan Stout or want to pray for him.