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Rich Kronfeld

Rich Kronfeld began his performing/writing career on public access television in Minneapolis. In a very short while, his “Dr. Sphincter” character became synonymous with bold, unconventional, underground comedy. Kronfeld contributed a voluminous body of sketch work, narratives, and taped live performances which access channels all over the state lined up to air and which received several showings at the Walker Art Center. His public access work led him to “Ozone Radio,” an original series produced by Twin Cities PBS affiliate, KTCA.

To this day, Kronfeld remains at the center of a true Minnesota cult following. Kronfeld appeared in the 1998 Paramount Pictures release, “Trekkies” as himself, a Star Trek fan that builds replicas of Star Trek gadgets. He reprises his role from “Trekkies,” starring in “Six Days In Roswell,” a docu-comedy about aliens, UFOs, cover-ups, and more. Recently, Kronfeld teamed up with producer, Tim Scott. Scott has produced unorthodox and hugely popular programming such as “Mystery Science Theater 3000,” and a pilot for Comedy Central, entitled “Workforce.”

Together, Kronfeld and Scott wrote and produced a comedy variety show called, “Let’s Bowl!” It’s a fresh and absolutely original program that uses an old style bowling show as its format. Kronfeld stars as a kvetching, misanthropic color-commentator whose ineptitude is all encompassing, especially when it comes to bowling. The show aired for two seasons on Comedy Central. Kronfeld wants all peoples of the world to live in peace and harmony. He is often quoted as saying; “Lets give peace an opportunity, please.” And if you think this movie was an act, it wasn’t. Kronfeld indeed does have a Captain Pike chair, does collect old AV equipment, and is a dullard.