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JT Habersaat Combo Pack (CD / DVD & pin)


Special combination for JT Habersaat fans:

Misanthrope CD / DVD

“There’s a lot of f*cking weirdos out there on the old Internet, and I just assumed he was one of those guys.” It’s been countable hours since he met JT Habersaat, and Mishka Shubaly already has his number. “He’s absolutely a weirdo, but JT hustles like nobody else. He under-promises, and he over-delivers. He cares. And I don’t mean he cares about what f*cking Vice thinks about him or how much money he can get from Mountain Dew. He works with artists that he likes and that he believes in, and then he works his ass off for them.” What could be more punk rock, more get off my lawn and into the van than that?

Misanthrope enamel pin

Designed by DWITT
1.25” tall
Two-Color die-struck soft enamel pin
Single clutch back

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