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Maria Bamford - The Burning Bridges Tour (download)

Maria Bamford - The Burning Bridges Tour (download)

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Maria Bamford speaks in many voices. No, She is not an impressionist, unless you count the stellar impression of her mom. Maria feels her high-pitched voice does not command respect, as a result, she has taken on many voices to help her in her wickedly funny jokes. Decidedly off-beat, Maria has a wide-eyed innocence that comes shining through on this, her debut download.

Track Listing

  1. My Mother Always Told Me
  2. Goddess of Little Lake Pequaym
  3. 32AA
  4. Hollywood Standards
  5. Small Talk
  6. Miss the Excitement
  7. We Do Things A Little Differently Around Here
  8. Crazy Cult
  9. Sexual Harassment
  10. Lady Boss
  11. Vennette
  12. Plan B
  13. Too Much TV
  14. Celebrity Homes
  15. Mom's Religion
  16. Touched By An Angel
  17. LA People
  18. Ritz Carlton Jesus
  19. Ventriloquist Prayer
  20. Voicemail Non Sequiturs
  21. Pterodactyl Song

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