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Lewis Black - The End Of The Universe (CD)

Lewis Black - The End Of The Universe (CD)

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The follow-up to 2000’s highly successful, “The White Album.” This album was recorded just before September 11, 2001, and as a result needed to be re-recorded. Lewis waxes eloquent about patriotism and airport security and needing to re-record an album. The rampage continues…

Track Listing

  1. Atlanta
  2. After September 11
  3. Environmental Terrorism or Global Warming
  4. Coke and Pepsi and the Super Bowl of 2001
  5. Halftime at the Super Bowl 2001
  6. The End of the Universe
  7. Tax Rebates and Common Sense
  8. Airport Security
  9. TV News and Jerry Falwell
  10. What I've Learned

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