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Lashonda Lester - Shondee Superstar (video)

Lashonda Lester - Shondee Superstar (video)



In 2016, Lashonda Lester was finally named Funniest Person in Austin. She’d been nominated damn near every year since she transplanted herself south out of Detroit (a transition she likened to leaving jail), and now she was, as The Austin Chronicle put it, on the brink of stardom. And then, just a few months later, she died. She had struggled with kidney failure, doling out impromptu open mics from the dialysis chair even as she prepared this record, staged Weird! True Hollywood Tales, and worked on her Comedy Central Half Hour. And so Lester’s work lives on, her wild, joyous spirit in every second of “Shondee Superstar.” She assails wypipo nonsense, compares the effects of various pharmaceuticals (morphine is delicious, while Ambien will just make you real gooey), and declares, with the confidence afforded only to former pimps and pro wrestling managers like herself, “I’m not tryna go to jail, but I’d like to do something illegal enough that I could get community service, possibly.” Lashonda Lester will always be a superstar.

Track Listing

  1. Slut Shaming
  2. Bitcoins
  3. Taxmas & Grandma
  4. The Russians & Jehovah's Eyewitnesses
  5. The Hospital
  6. Dialysis & Ambien
  7. The Austin Exorcist
  8. Dating in Austin
  9. Hamburger Companion
  10. Shitty Jobs / Pimp Story
  11. Teaching Comedy
  12. I Just Need to Get Famous

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