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Kathleen McGee - Deliciously Vulgar (download)

Kathleen McGee - Deliciously Vulgar (download)


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No matter where she goes, from North America’s largest swingers’ club to farm town hellscapes dotted with toothless drunks, Kathleen McGee’s a very good time. If it’s a day off, she’s picking up abortion and competitive eating tips from TV. If it’s a night out, she’s setting up her own game of Tinder Bachelorette. And if it’s a night in, prepare to go straight from Netflix-and-oral to filling out the face-sitting waiver while she gasses up the old Hitachi. As McGee cavorts from toilet babies to “Intervention” auditions, it’s easy to picture her tossing back a shot of booze, flinging a handful of confetti in the air, and riding off into the night on her latest date’s skateboard while he ruefully starts a load of laundry. It’s fun, it’s filthy, it’s “Deliciously Vulgar.”

Track Listing

  1. Moms, Drugs, Intervention
  2. Binge Watching TV
  3. Swingers Club
  4. The Secret to Getting Blowjobs
  5. Being Single
  6. Just a Simple Girl
  7. Perfect Date
  8. Business Proposal
  9. Touching Family Stories
  10. Strippers
  11. Really Romantic
  12. Fancy New Vibrator
  13. Keeping it Spicy


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