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John Bowman

John Bowman, a comedian and actor, has appeared in many television shows including “Seinfeld”, “Ellen”, “LA Law”, and “Miami Vice”.  His live Theater credits include a number of shows in New York, sharing the stage with James Earl Jones, Bruce Weitz,  and Leslie Uggams, as well as working with directors, Jack O’Brian (Tony Winner), Geraldine Fitzgerald, and Robert Wilson.  As a Stand-Up comic, he appeared as the last “debut” comic on the “Tonight Show with Johnny Carson”, as well as numerous spots on MTV and A&E and others.  He has been called “An emotional quick change artist”- NY Magazine, and “Always Fascinating”-NY Times.  John is currently touring with Lewis Black, where he is developing a performance style that includes three Shetland Sheepdogs, who among other things, re-enact the tragic mauling of Roy, of Seigfreid and Roy. In short, he’s a genius.