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Jerry Rocha - Take That, Real Dad (CD)

Jerry Rocha - Take That, Real Dad (CD)

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Texas is not known for its quick-witted folk (they’ve been known to boo a magician for being too tricky), but somehow, some way, Jerry Rocha is a native son… and he got out on the first Greyhound bus he could find. Sure, he got mugged and got pink eye hanging out in the only lousy neighborhood that goes 75 miles per hour, but he got out. And we’re damned lucky he did.

Rocha, a “Last Comic Standing,” SiTV, Latino Laugh Festival, and, oddly enough, Travel Channel biographical television show alum, takes aim on “Take That, Real Dad,” and everyone’s in his sights. From why he prefers a mixed race audience (There are better compliments in life than “That was super!”) to how the rodeo is revenge for COPS (and better than many of R. Kelly’s favorite pastimes, even if you do need a subscription to ESPN Confederate to watch it), from the real pronunciation of Humble, TX (you’ll be surprised to learn there are two H’s) to how to ferret out your family’s very own racist, Rocha’s ready to rag on everyone. And with that equal opportunity approach, he gets the crowd rolling, developing new television series ideas with one appreciative onlooker while another makes spontaneous wookie noises and a third tolerates being called Toby Keith. It’s just too hard to resist Rocha when he catches you in your very own damning laugh of recognition. By the end, Rocha always gets everyone laughing together, because really, we can all see why Star Wars is racist.

Track Listing

  1. Bus Ride
  2. Super
  3. It's Okay
  4. The Aged
  5. Texas, My Home
  6. The Rodeo and Lesbians Fight
  7. I Know
  8. Los Star Wars
  9. Little Rock, Ark
  10. BET Ghosthunters
  11. Southern Women
  12. Found a Lump
  13. Single Mother
  14. Evil Ex
  15. If It's a Girl

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