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Jason Dudey

Jason Dudey is a Los Angeles-based stand-up comedian. He was born in Wichita, raised in Baltimore, and lived in New York before heading out west 14 years ago to pursue his comedy career. He is the younger brother of a “never-do-anything-wrong” sister and the son of a barmaid turned legal secretary and an Army man turned insurance man: just your typical suburban family from the outside–corner lot, good school, planned community. Jason, however, has a way of looking at everything with a twist and seeing things in a way that we can all relate.

“My mom is absolutely crazy, in a good way. My dad is probably the funniest man alive, but he has no idea,” Jason says of his now infamous parents. “My mother is German and my dad is a military man, not big talkers about things, but I changed all that. We’ve got some issues people, let’s talk about them.”

Jason talks about those issues on the national stage as a headliner playing to sold out audiences from Sacramento to Baltimore, Chicago to Tampa. He has appeared on LOGO’s Wisecracks, the OutLaugh Comedy Festival, and as a finalist at The World Series of Comedy three years in a row. His debut comedy album, “Major Dudey” is both a critical and commercial success (get it on iTunes). He is a regular at some of the greatest comedy clubs in the country including Flappers, The Laugh Factory, and Zanies. He is the creator and a producer of the hugely popular Come Out Laughing: A Touring Comedy Show featuring Dana Goldberg and Ian Harvie. Check it out at