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Jackie Kashian

Jackie Kashian has been a national touring comic for over 10 years. She has appeared on NBC, VH1, and A&E (Comedy on the Road – back in the 1700′s). She has performed at prestigious comedy festivals around the country including: the HBO Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Bumbershoot Arts Festival and the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal. Most of Jackie’s credits on the television are for stand-up, but she can act. Sure, she’s only done one TV show (an airport cop who busted Jim Dial with a big bag of pot on Murphy Brown), but she takes classes and stuff so as to be prepared.

In 1985, Jackie got drunk and heckled Sam Kinison in Madison, Wisconsin. She was told, with some sarcasm, by management, that open mike night was on Sundays. A charming fairytale so begun, has not, as first feared, lead to jailtime.

Jackie’s standup is a mixture of story telling and sharp commentary which most people relate to which is tragically funny since she is the youngest of six children, and was raised by wolves. Wolves that meant well and did their best.

Jackie enjoys video games, go-carts and other traditionally tiny-child activities in an ongoing attempt to block out reality. Also; wicker gives her the creeps. Now you know too much. You will be silenced.