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Ian Bagg

Ian Bagg started stand-up comedy in a small country off the coast of Japan called Canada. He proceeded to do all the show business things that every successful Canadian entertainer does: He went to a “Hockey Night in Canada” game on a Saturday night, performed at the “Montreal Comedy Festival,” kissed a fish in New Foundland, and did a “Comedy Now” special on CTV.  So what does a Canadian do when he has done it all? He boards a train to NYC, lives in youth hostel, and ends up on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” “The Late Late show with Craig Ferguson,” and the “Tonight Show with Jay leno.” Bagg has also performed in Tim Robbins’ The Cradle will Rock, MVP 2, andMXP, and was cut from the Coyote Ugly. Perhaps more notable? He’s only actor who’s worked with famed director/producer Judd Apatow and notbecome a multi-billionaire.

While working red carpet interviews, Bagg has pissed off Brad Pitt, been hit with a champagne bottle, and asked for chocolate covered pretzels by Alec Baldwin. And though he went to school to be an explosives engineer, it was a lucky chance at an open mic that made him the volatile one.