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Geoff Tate - I Got Potential (CD)

Geoff Tate - I Got Potential (CD)

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Geoff Tate’s got a beard. That doesn’t define him. He’s got an accent. That doesn’t define him. And he’s got potential. Now we’re talking. On his new Stand Up! Records release, “I Got Potential,” Tate drawls his way with subtlety and wit through diatribes and diversions, stackin’ gift cards and handing out murder-shovel tips. Tate’s a two-issue voter (traffic and cash outlays), spent a full decade trying to tick off his dad but needed only a half hour or so to scare a pastor into thinking he might meet Jesus early, and has a novel method for testing for the absence of chicken. It’s science! And perhaps most astoundingly, he’s got a solid ten minutes of laid-back but incisive Dominos Pizza material. That’s enough for you to listen to it thrice, have an actual pizza delivered, and play it back again for the delivery guy while you fill out the survey on the box (a survey method with literally no validity, but one that’s still more humane than the Interrogation Kitchen). While Tate plays Frogger with his life—and some Darvocet—it’s the audience that learns the lessons.

Track Listing

  1. Money
  2. Dominos
  3. Dog
  4. Choice
  5. Marriage
  6. Bears
  7. Sex
  8. McDonald's
  9. Vehicular
  10. Rental
  11. SubwayX

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