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Dwight Slade

Part man, part ageless boy; comedian Dwight Slade has the privilege of being a comedy legend in American stand up.  The winner of the 2007 Boston Comedy Festival, Slade combines an intelligent, raging voice of justice with the snickering attitude of a high school prankster. He gives the impression of a man on a journey. Who enjoys nothing more than making fun of everything along the way. The San Antonio Express wrote, “Slade restores one’s faith in comedy as the great equalizer.  At his cerebral best he becomes the voice of the little man looking for a little justice – and just maybe a little pay back – for life’s daily mundane humiliations.” Slade’s stand-up has gained international stature after earning a five star review from Scotland’s Minister of Culture at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival and appearances at the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival.