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Drinking with Ian

Like so many torrid affairs that have come before, your liaison with Ian will begin in a dark, smoky rock club, and it will be fueled by booze, so very much booze. He’ll sweet talk you, regaling you with tales of absurd nightlife in this city of his; impress you with his vast knowledge of as-yet unknown bands just on the brink of brilliant stardom; and ply you with exotic shots, about which the most you will ever know is that they are full of alcohol, supplied gratis by a bartender who seems to know Ian like his own brother, and are only too easy to drink. You’ll love his wit, his cartoonish coif, his comfortable manner, even his friends, and soon you’ll find, you’d follow him anywhere. Be it into the basement of Minneapolis famed 7th Street Entry (kid brother to its better known half, First Avenue) for a zombie makeover, like the volunteer in the first episode; into the back of an ambulance to yell over the loudspeaker while trolling rich neighborhoods and drinking warm beer, a la the episode wherein our rag-tag band of misfits is ejected from their erstwhile home; or even out onto a street corner to wave protest signs at passers-by and Hard Rock Cafe patrons in an attempt to drum up attention for your lothario, oh, you’ll happily accompany your host on his adventures. Along with his improvisational chanteur, rotund bartender, sage-like haiku master, and an array of local yokels, beauties, weirdos, and geniuses, Ian Rans invites you to join him for Season One of “Drinking with Ian,” the public access sensation which invites you to sit back, have a drink on the house, and enjoy the show.