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Darlene Westgor

Don’t let her “Nick@Nite” title, “America’s Funniest Mom,” fool you—Darlene Westgor has a razor sharp wit, and she’s not afraid to use it. In her first stand-up CD, “Boxed Wine,” Westgor explores life as the black sheep of the cul de sac: a reluctant parent with what might be called “refilled-nest syndrome.” Sure, she’s susceptible to infomercials, but she’s so unwilling to become a cat lady that she may actually be a premeditated cat murderer in the making and so unwilling to help raise a nation of sissies that she’s considered sending her sons out to teach the local “safety kid” a lesson—helmet be damned. Anyone who implies boxed wine isn’t strong, tasty stuff hasn’t gotten their mitts on this vintage yet.