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Danny Lobell - The Nicest Boy in Barcelona (download)

Danny Lobell - The Nicest Boy in Barcelona (download)


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Dr. Danny Lobell is a miracle worker, mouth trumpeter, newlywed, and civil rights inactivist—and he’s a bit of a snitch. Also, he’s not a doctor. He is, however, the creator and host of a monthly Hollywood Improv show (Bookshelf) and two podcasts (Modern Day Philosophers and the Mostly Bull Market); an international touring comedian who knows his way around a long-form call-back and a time-use journal; a fake alcoholic and a fake boat owner; and a Scottish Jew who knows time travel really isn’t for him. Recorded live in Barcelona—a hospitable if ham-heavy home-away-from-home—the latest from Stand Up! Records is an instant classic full of jingles, hot-dog cart hijinks, and, of course, the joy that only “The Nicest Boy in Barcelona” can bring you.

Track Listing

  1. Doctor Danny Lobell
  2. Aggressive Book Clubs
  3. Time Machines are Bad for Jews
  4. Bouncy Castle Nursing Homes
  5. Socks and Burgers
  6. Don Wrote Nacho Libre
  7. Camp Danny
  8. The Nicest Boys in Costco
  9. Dogs Can Pee Anywhere
  10. My Tortoise Outran Me!
  11. That's Jazz
  12. Success is Me in a Tuxedo
  13. How AA Made Me an Alcoholic

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