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Danny Bevins

Danny Bevins has been called many things: juvenile delinquent, soldier, flight attendant, patient, husband, and, lately, “disturbingly hilarious.” Though the term that best describes him is “smartass”. His mouth has gotten him arrested, fined, and fired from every job he’s ever had, but for the last ten years it’s propelled him to tour the world and preform on some of the most prestigious stages in comedy. The son of a Jesus freak and a Green Beret, Bevins straddles the line between temptation and authority. He’s loud, audacious, opinionated, cocky, animated, charming, irreverent, sarcastic, facetious, ridiculous and dangerous. He is an American smartass.

Bevins won the 2000 San Francisco International Comedy Competition, has been featured on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend and Paramount’s The World Stands Up, and was the producer and star of the documentary “Comics on Duty: We Love You, Mrs. Bevins.” He’s been a featured artist at the HBO U.S. Arts Comedy Festival in Aspen (twice!) and on the Jameson Comedy Tour.