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Daniel Humbarger - Funny Bones (download)

Daniel Humbarger - Funny Bones (download)


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The rise from low class to attorney has nothing on the rise from stand-up aspirant to ripper-level comic. Daniel Humbarger has done both (and very likely used the phrase “hella rad” in both endeavors). With his dark silliness, Humbarger reveals a self-awareness rooted in the simple joy of a life oddly-lived: his dad was a truck-driver who sold weed and got stabbed in prison for knocking up another inmate’s wife, and as much as his Croc-wearing mom might take umbrage, that’s just great material—particularly if you’re carefully constructing a comedic Ponzi scheme to clear your student loan debt. From sexy hobos to the unintentional messages in PSAs, from public masturbators to the courtroom weaponization of NWA lyrics, what’s not to love? And for bonus joy, “Funny Bones” has you covered with two straight minutes of Star Wars-themed yo mama jokes.

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