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Courtney McClean & The Dirty Curls

Courtney McClean & The Dirty Curls is the brainchild of Courtney McLean, who suddenly one day decided she wanted to start a comedy/erotica/bluegrass band. Started in Minneapolis in the summer of 2009, The Curls have a simple mission in mind: to create the dirtiest, funniest hillbilly music ever known to the universe. Their style of music, dubbed “Naughtybilly” is a side-splitting brew of country, bluegrass, rock, and musical theater. Think Loretta Lynn meets Tenacious D. Or Steve Martin meets Peaches. Or David Alan Coe meets The Roches.

Their songs are decidedly explicit; hilariously tackling such themes as anal sex, erotic feelings for cousins, lackluster pillow talk, safe words, and even that weird crush feeling you get when you’re looking at a baby you know is going to grow up to be a devastatingly good-looking adult. They just wanna make you laugh, make you blush, and make you clap your hands. If you want to make love to their music, that’s cool too.

The band is now comprised of five members: lead singer/songwriter Courtney McLean (also on banjo), Veldie (guitar and vocals), Anna (vocals, uke, and percussion), Lacey (percussion and vocals), and Kevin (bass). These ladies and dude come from extensive backgrounds in music, improvisation, theater, stand-up comedy, opera, a cappella, and storytelling. They infuse their live performances with a tongue-in-cheek theatrical flair that is blushingly impossible to resist.