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Chris Porter - Lost And Alone (1st pressing bong smoke vinyl)

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Even drunks can understand probabilities, and the chances of getting a heart-warming story about a life of happiness and fulfillment out of your Uber driver are pretty much zilch. Then again, the chances are about the same with an internationally known comic talent. The chances of hilarity and joy, however, are far higher with the latter. Chris Porter, whose stripped-down, straightforward style took him to third place on “Last Comic Standing,” a Netflix special, two Comedy Central features, and a live DVD/CD release, is back with his second project with Stand Up! Records, “Lost & Alone.” He’s a consummate professional, imperfect balladeer, reluctant braggart, fashion historian, marijuana and Fletch connoisseur, and general denim-wearing laugh-monger. Porter’s southern drawl makes even the harsh truths go down smooth (it’s not like you didn’t know Tinder ranks on the priority list right around “something you do while you’re pooping”), but make no mistake, this is high-proof, high-concept comedy. You might feel a little rough in the morning, but you’ll know you earned it, buddy. 

Track Listing

  1. Uber for Life...Coach
  2. Compromises & Cadillacs
  3. Vagina, Murder, Dreams
  4. Perfect People are the Worst
  5. The Ballad of Grandpa's Friend Dirt (feat. Sarah McLachlan)
  6. The Girl and the Cute Noise
  7. Child Labor Check Drop
  8. Netflix Slo Jams
  9. 37 & Single
  10. Reachin' Out to the Youth
  11. Analog Love
  12. Tinder Box of Lies
  13. Forrest Gump & The C-Word for Dudes
  14. CP's History of Fashion

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