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Chad Daniels

In 1974 a couple of teenagers decided to skip their post-prom party and go ‘necking’ instead. 9 ½ months later… a star was born. And in the delivery room next to the star… Chad Daniels was born. It’s always been like that. So close yet so far away. In 1998, after doing open mic at Minneapolis’ ACME Comedy Company, Chad was given the opportunity to be the House MC at the Westward Ho in Grand Forks, ND. Opportunity? Yes, opportunity. Performing six shows a week and having to host karaoke after each show in the dead of winter 60 miles from the Canadian border while living in a 6×8 motel room next to a french fry factory? How could you not agree? When opportunity shows up at Chad’s door it shows up as Allan Funt.

All those nights in the frozen tundra paid off. Chad began touring the country performing at clubs, colleges, bowling alleys, and Elks’ Lodges.

Meanwhile, Chad was starting a family. He married a Genetics professor. STAY IN SCHOOL. Even if you don’t learn anything, wait, sex could be right around the corner. Chad has two beautiful children. “They better be. My wife’s a Genetics professor. Some of my friends have ugly kids. Not fun.”

In 2003, Chad performed as a finalist in Comedy Central’s Laugh Riots competition, the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival, which got him enough attention to make his network television debut on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn. Since then he has released his debut comedy album ‘Two Minutes for Stale Hacking’, performed on Comedy Central’s ‘Live at Gotham’, recorded his second album ‘Busy Being Awesome’ which is due out this spring on Stand-up Records, and taped his own half hour special ‘Comedy Central Presents… Chad Daniels’.

Chad is 5’10″, has the blood type A positive, enjoys Easter because of the cool story and Cadbury eggs (crème not caramel), has average looks, doesn’t know enough about computers to put a video on youtube and loves writing in the third person.

Well, I hope we learned something about Chad Daniels here today. Unfortunately for the true fans this bio’s information has probably already been picked through at the public records office.