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Tim Harmston - The Most Bees Ever (CD + bandana)

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Special bundle while supplies last! Get this 21" x 21" 100% cotton bandana along with a copy of Tim's CD.

Fun facts about Tim Harmston: He’s been on Late Night with David Letterman, he’s been overpaying on his car insurance since running down a Napa Valley marching band, he believes in merciful mouse deaths (but only after cheeseboarding), he has a problem with pigeons (like Hannibal Buress) but he’s pretty sure it could be solved by arming an owl, he’s getting used to the term “Asian Unibuddies,” he has two things in common with Elvis, and his two vices are huffing canned cheese and drinking Chuck-E-Cheese brand liquor. Can you tell he’s from Wisconsin?

This isn’t to say there isn’t some mystery on “The Most Bees Ever,” new and improved with a cover by Phantom City Creative. Do you, dear listener, know what game show haunts his nightmares or what he’d trade for a garbage bag full of radishes and some used gum? What about Canada’s best sport or what present best says “You shouldn’t be marrying this person”? In a great showing of why some jokes aren’t standalone winners, but some sets are all around amazing, Harmston charms a Minneapolis crowd as he manages to use just three segues to bring you from car butts to gorilla meat to ice cream shortages, comic ennui, why yoga can’t cure anger, and playing Roulette with mixed medications. And if it’s just life coaching you need, skip right to the end to learn how to get the most action at the squaredance.

Track Listing

  1. What Can You Do for Me
  2. That's Why It's so Expensive
  3. The Penguin Rodeo
  4. Smiling Contest
  5. Heavy Machinery
  6. Vocabulary Changes
  7. Church on Sunday
  8. King James
  9. Forty-Nine Dollar Flight
  10. I'm the Same Way with Gorilla
  11. Unauthorized Slow Dance
  12. The Most Bees Ever

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