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Dana Gould - I Know It’s Wrong (color-in-color vinyl)


Limited edition color-in-color vinyl

Like his beloved Lenny Bruce, Dana Gould knows exactly where the line is. Which is to say, he knows exactly what he’s doing when he gleefully bounds over the line, daring listeners to leap along with him as he points out the most deliriously funny taboos that live on the far side of political correctness. A multi-hyphenate (actor, comedian, voice talent, producer, podcaster, and seven-year “Simpsons” writer, among other job titles) Pied Piper, he segues with, “Here’s a funny story about a recent murder.” He skewers a comic idol and speculates about the sex life of the world’s most respected scientist. He gets huge laughs with an unsettlingly good John Lennon impression, then tosses in a mercenary entomological bestiality situation because, well, why not? Gould is a master of building tension and turning a phrase (describing reality television as akin to a photograph of a drawing of a hologram is particularly useful), and he’s the technician behind what is, perhaps, the greatest safe-space workaround to have hit a stage since Y2K. And he’s willing to admit that he knows it’s wrong—but damned if he won’t say it anyway. “I Know It’s Wrong” is now available, pressed up nice on hefty, shiny vinyl, from Stand Up! Records. 

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