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Mo Alexander - "Possum Blues" lathe-cut 7-inch picture disc w/print


Battling an unkillable house possum is not unlike tangling with an unforgettable, untameable woman, contends Memphis, Tennessee's own Mo Alexander. Legally and morally speaking, you should really only dump one of them in the woods, hoping it forgets your address. But both make for a great blues song. A stomping, lush lament punctuated by bright piano, this ultra-limited edition, lathe-cut picture disc 7” marks the first in a series of new goods from Mo Alexander, Stand Up! Records, and the legendary Sam Phillips-founded Sun Studios (that’s right, it’s the SUN-SUR nexus!). Just 35 copies exist, and each comes with a hangable art print of the woodcut album art by Bobby Rosenstock at JustAJar Design Press. Experience the slapback, retro sound of the “birthplace of rock-n-roll” and celebrate the history of American recording, printmaking, and the great tradition, shared by blues and comedy alike, of making art out of all that ails us. 

Track Listing

  1. Possum Blues

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