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Andy Andrist - Dumb it Down for the Masses (CD)

Andy Andrist - Dumb it Down for the Masses (CD)

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Remember the first time your parents left you home alone and within the first hour you somehow found your way into your big brother’s 2 Live Crew albums, your dad’s secret porn stash, and your mom’s flask of Goldschlager she kept hidden inside a pair of her fancy shoes she told you to never go near? Well, all innocence is once again re-lost as cerebral raunch-teur, Andy Andrist, awakens these repressed feelings of misguided-guilt-ridden-joy with overwhelmingly filth-ridden exorbitance on Stand Up! Records latest release "Dumb It Down For The Masses."

Andrist offers the world an easy way to enjoy life and solve all of life’s problems all in one CD… by dumbing it down… and drinking… a lot. Andrist invites his audience into a world of booze induced activities where real anarchy lives and retarded people are brought along for the fun of it and not just for a handicapped parking spot and purposes of political correctness. And, even though this CD in itself is a gift to society, make sure you stick around for the exclusive bonus track where Andrist imparts his priceless wisdom about gays and God onto an audience of Quakers… seriously. And just like when you were left home alone for the first time, after listening to "Dumb It Down For The Masses," you might have to watch Sesame Street and force yourself to cry in order to regain your sweet childhood innocence and look your parents in the eye. 

Track Listing

  1. Intro by Doug
  2. Dumb it Down
  3. Special Olympics
  4. Handicapped Parking
  5. Queer Rights
  6. War on the Homeless
  7. Killers for Hire
  8. Coon Hunter
  9. Death
  10. The Carnival
  11. Too Many Erections
  12. Earth First
  13. Tragedy Channel
  14. Wal-Mart Sucks
  15. Hidden Track

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