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Arnór Da∂i

Arnór Daði is an Icelandic stand up comic, living in Reykjavík. He grew up in northern Iceland in a small town called Hauganes, population 150. Arnór knew from a young age he wanted to do comedy but stagetime in Iceland was hard to come by. - Impossible in Hauganes. When the open mic scene in downtown Reykjavík first bloomed circa 2013, Arnór Daði realized his daydreams might actually become reality. This frightened him. What frightened him even more was the question “What am I going to tell my friends and family?” Pursuing a career in stand up comedy is a strange thing to do, whoever you are or wherever you’re from. However! If you’re a chubby ginger-kid from Hauganes, you risk being dragged into the looney-bin by 149 of your neighbors, torch, pitchfork and all. (Or so he thought) Arnór needed an excuse to skip town, something stable, something that would make his parents proud and his friends less sad. So he applied to film school… In 2016, Arnór packed his bags, said his goodbyes and set sail to the GIGANTIC city of Reykjavík to “go to film school”. He began hitting the open mics and quickly became notable. In the summer of 2020 he snatched up three awards at The Reykjavík Fringe for his show “Big, Small Town Kid”. This has led to his signing with American indie comedy label Stand Up! Records to release that show as a video and album. He's been performing all over Iceland and is totally looking forward to this pandemic being over so he can invade your country, raid the monasteries, bring the loot back to his longhouse and tell the hilarious tales of conquest.

More at his website.