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Ari Shaffir

Ari Shaffir is probably best-known for a series of comedy shorts, “The Amazing Racist.” In these shorts, Shaffir—”The Amazing Racist”—is seen acting, well, overtly and ironically racist. Shaffir filmed many of his offensive encounters for the DVD National Lampoon’s Lost Reality. They were then ripped to the Internet by hundreds of different nerds and seen by millions of people, many of whom sent him death threats. Loving, wonderful death threats.

Shaffir has been featured on HBO’s Down and Dirty with Jim Norton, TBS’ Minding the Store, ESPN Classic’s Cheap Seats: Without Ron Parker, Conan, and the Latino Laugh Festival on Si TV. He’s also appeared on The Opie and Anthony Show and whored himself in dozens of national commercials. We mean, he sold stuff. Not his body. You get it. Right?

In the meantime, he tours and headlines at LA’s major comedy clubs with an act he likes to call “like a puppet show, but way filthier and without the puppets.” And Shaffir wants you to know that he totally wrote the earlier version of this bio so not only are we shamelessly excerpting and quoting him, he is actually writing about himself, each and every time he writes “Shaffir did this” or “Shaffir did that.” Shaffir feels like kind of a tool for having done that.

(Bio adapted from The Ari Shaffir Channel, The Laugh Factory Comedy Network)