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Auggie Smith - Taste The Lightning (download)

Auggie Smith - Taste The Lightning (download)


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Quick! Give us three appropriate names for bears who are also drug dealers! Say you’re white without saying you’re white! Should you be circumcised or uncircumcised while trying to thwart a home invasion? Can’t answer, can you? That’s right, because you’re not Auggie Smith, purveyor of fine comedy for at least 11 of his 32 years on stage, absolutely slaying his way across the Great Plains (as seen on the glorious album art by Spanish fantasy painter Maren).

An old-school liberal in a zoom-school age, the father of three is working through his “kids-these-days” tendencies, all the emotional thrashings of those who would victimize the next generation as they were, themselves, victimized. But would they, should a child appear with a mysteriously gnawed-upon pill, taste test it for safety? Nay!

These are the moments when Auggie Smith reveals himself as the stuff of legend. In a time of precarity, bow to our fearless leader and his two noble truths. One: Comedy is getting better, not worse, because we “can’t say stuff” anymore. Two: The fact that the Emergency Broadcast System relies on near-dead technology and sounds like a fax sent by an anguished pterodactyl fighting a bear armed with a klaxon and a sledgehammer and that that is the sound of a system working perfectly as designed is proof that the only thing we need in this life is consistency. All the wisdom of Auggie Smith’s “Taste the Lightning” is available now from Stand Up! Records.

Track Listing

  1. Tornado
  2. Pandemic Teacher
  3. Judge My Parenting
  4. Perfect Thing to Say
  5. Anne Frank
  6. Vows
  7. Food Allergy
  8. Comedy is Better
  9. Home Invasion
  10. Angry Old Man
  11. Emergency Broadcasting System

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