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Auggie Smith - Smell The Thunder (download)

Auggie Smith - Smell The Thunder (download)


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America loves to drink so much it’ll celebrate other countries’ national holidays. We party for St. Patrick’s Day and Oktoberfest and Cinco de Mayo. That one’s the worst: we don’t even like Mexicans on the whole. At least not enough to let them immigrate, huddled masses or no, figures Auggie Smith. Why not just change the Statue of Liberty’s inscription to “No Vacancy”? On this re-release of “Smell the Thunder,” we’re back in the Obama era, when gas was $2.80 a gallon and Auggie Smith was fuming. Then, as now—and like a True American—he had opinions on a lot of things he didn’t know anything about (foreign policy, disaster relief, parenting, relationships, and the rising scourge of city cyclists). Still, with a sort of sputtering, fuming, self-reflective, loud humility, he stood on a Wisconsin stage with a microphone and rode the wave of his rage. He dropped the temp as fast as he could come to a froth. But his righteous indignation rose ever higher. If “Cult Following” saw Auggie Smith go past Bil Dwyer to Lewis Black on the strongly worded complaint, well, guys, gals, nonbinary pals, with both his liberal ideals and his patience wearing thin, “Smell the Thunder” sees him go right past Glenn Wool to the Full Kinison. Kids on leashes, siblings on life support, pot laws and half-stepping military incursions, the opinions just keep on coming.

Auggie Smith has spent the better part of three decades collecting comedy accolades, livening up your TV, and testing the decibel range on your podcast apps. Stand Up! Records couldn’t be happier to bring you “Smell the Thunder,” originally released by Rooftop Comedy.

Track Listing

  1. Obama and the Oil Spill
  2. Bumper Sticker
  3. Road Rage
  4. Seat Belt Laws
  5. Renaming Streets
  6. Condoms
  7. Changing School
  8. Pimp My Ride
  9. Halloween
  10. Mixed Messages
  11. Kid on a Leash
  12. Relationships
  13. Living Will
  14. Pot Laws
  15. Not Black Enough
  16. Liberal
  17. Bikes
  18. Cinco de Mayo

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