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Chad Daniels - Natural Selection (CD)

Chad Daniels - Natural Selection (CD)

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In life, there are questions we don’t want asked, questions we don’t want answered, and laundry we can’t watch others handle. Chad Daniels is a father, a husband, a comic, and a pragmatist. And from what he’s managed to absorb through some sort of marital osmosis (his wife’s a geneticist), Daniels is ready to revert to natural selection. For instance, he maintains, parenting doesn’t require literacy; it’s been done successfully in caves, without “tummy time” and without how-to books. Those things only serve to help the dumb kids grow to adulthood and reproduce—who’s playing God now? In Daniels’ world, parenting involves a lot of things—perpetuating the mystery of wet dreams while also playing browser chicken with your teenage son, navigating “craft rage” and figuring out the two kinds of women you absolutely cannot knee-cap, and offering multiple choices to help handle double standards—but there’s little better advice he can give than death doesn’t trump dickery, comedy’s funnier when you unleash your inner bastard, and the courtesy wave is the cornerstone of social solidarity. If you get rammed after cutting someone off without giving the courtesy wave? Well, that’s just natural selection.


Track Listing

  1. PhD
  2. Parental Intuition
  3. Natural Selection
  4. Pitcher Picture
  5. Dad Can't, Probably
  6. We Should Knock
  7. Wet Dreams
  8. Hairy Penines
  9. Manchild
  10. Moved Home
  11. InFATuation
  12. Phone Racist

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