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Adam Quesnell: Despair II - Social Justice Warrior (CD)

Adam Quesnell: Despair II - Social Justice Warrior (CD)


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Remember the despair of 2014? When Adam Quesnell released his first full-length Stand Up! Records album, we had despair, it was just… different. We had discomfort and fear and disgust, too, but we were fairly sure that the arc of history was bending away from genocide. Now, the world is haphazardly led by a truly gross, fear-mongering white idiot with autocrat ADD, McDonald’s biscuits are capriciously and arbitrarily withheld after dusk, and we’re surrounded by an ever-expanding riot of hastily painted wizards, extra-chill ghost babies, winking scientists, deck monsters, and tired ladies with overly strong condiment preferences. Amid these proliferating threats to the altruistic bonds of humanity, we need the newly shorn Social Justice Warlord, commanding us to laugh through the despair, skillfully checking our privilege, and carefully recalibrating all our worst instincts.

Track Listing 

  1. The Womb
  2. Gross President
  3. Night Biscuit
  4. To My Adopted Chinese Daughter, Lin Yi, On the Night of Her First Orchestra Recital
  5. Too Full
  6. Social Justice Warlord
  7. The Biggest Fear of a White Idiot
  8. The Difference Between Fear and Disgust
  9. Portrait of a Tired Lady
  10. The Plaintive Cry of a Ghost Baby
  11. Prophetic Mustard Advertising
  12. Extra Lives and Altruism
  13. Science Called

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